jason haam: five years, part one

22 December 2022 - 14 February 2023
I soon realized after opening the gallery that building a monumental enterprise is an incredibly difficult thing and it is only possible when and if many people give their hearts for its prosperity. I am grateful for everyone who has helped us to be where we are today and look to the future with much hope and excitement to accomplish more with our friends and colleagues. Thank you.
- Jason Haam -
On the occasion of the gallery’s fifth anniversary, Jason Haam will present a special two-part exhibition celebrating its five-year mark with artists who have shaped and developed the identity of the gallery since its establishment.
The exhibition, which will include works mostly by artists who have had a solo presentation at/with the gallery, features recent works by the gallery’s artists, including new works commissioned specially for this exhibition as well as works by artists whohave recently joined the program: Amanda Baldwin, Jungwook Kim, Moka Lee, and Ricky Swallow.
Five years ago, in 2018, Jason Haam opened his eponymous gallery with the wildest dream to ‘build the best gallery in the generation’. Since then, the gallery has made some progress in its mission to cultivate and propagate the most impactful voices in the contemporary art scene. Looking ahead, with clearer objectives and much dedication, we are excited to enter into a new phase of the gallery and reaffirm our novel pursuit for the purest and the most inspiring form of visual arts.