Peter Buggenhout: "It's a strange, strange world, Sally"

Book Release

ISBN: 978 90 209 8476 7

Dimensions: 24 x 31 cm

pages: 204
Publishing by Lannoo
Text by Sofie Van Loo, Peter Buggenhout, Hans Theys, Thomas W. Rieger, and Michaël Amy
Design by Jeroen Wille and Studio Luc Derycke


”'It's a strange world isn't it, Sandy? Yeah...' was the leitmotif of Blue Velvet (David Lynch, 1986). When creating this book—and giving it a title—this phrase kept floating through my mind: 'It's a strange world, isn't it Sally.' And there isn't even a Sally in the film. Memory plays strange tricks. I decided to retain the 'tainted' version.”

- Peter Buggenhout