Faces: from Warhol to Chun Kyung-ja

Exhibition Catalogue
English / Korean

Dimensions: 28.3 x 23 cm

pages: 105

As the second catalogue publication from Jason Haam, ”Faces: from Warhol to Chun Kyung-ja” features works by major contemporary artists and examines subversions of portraiture.


Over the past century, the objective of portraiture has shifted from replicating physical likeness to providing an imaginative interpretation. Rather than an exact physical record of the subject’s facial features, contemporary portraiture captures the subtle nuances of humanity. Utilizing different techniques and a broad spectrum of style to communicate facets of human emotion, artists were commended on their ability to capture personality within physicality.


Portraiture is a form of self-examination and dialogue between the artist, subject, and viewer. Artists insert themselves into their works and thus the works become an extension of themselves. The portrayal of past figures physically placed in present time allows for an exchange where space and time coalesce. The portrait becomes a projection of the identity of the artist and viewer, portraying emotions of the past and creating emotions within the present.


”Faces: from Warhol to Chun Kyung-ja” is not just an examination of the practice of portraiture but an exchange of dialogue between the past and the present. It is a reflection on how we see each other—how we see ourselves. Jason Haam presents portraiture as an intimate experience through works of art that demonstrate physical and emotional beauty.