Marie Cloquet: Around Obstacles

Book Release

ISBN: 9789463934190

Dimensions: 29 x 29 cm

pages: 240
PUBLISHING BY MER. Art imprint of borgehoff & lamberigts
co-published by annie gentils gallery, jason haam
TEXT BY ory dessau 


'In her practice, Cloquet breeds new hybrid landscapes by altering real landscapes which she systematically photographs over periods of time. She intervenes in the photographed landscape, modifying it, and rendering it indistinguishable from the images with which it is generated and the material support on which these images are printed. Cloquet’s works are not depictions of landscapes that exist outside the images they incorporate. They extinguish the distance between images and the scenes they signify, turning segments of physical landscapes into pictorial elements, and vice versa.’

- Ory Dessau