Mircea Suciu: Hotel Empathy

Book Release

ISBN: 978 94 9267 793 8

Dimensions: 30 x 24 cm

pages: 111
Publishing by Zeno X Gallery, Hannibal Publishing, and Koenig Books Ltd at the Serpentine Gallery
Text by Jurrian Benschop
Design by Kim Beirnaert


”We tend to blame someone else: god, evil, destiny. There is no evil; there is no god; we are to blame in all cases. It is our weakness; it is the corruption of our minds and souls that creates the problems we confront in our society. The lack of education is the main factor that drives us into the pit of these sad moments. Our lack of involvement produces these catastrophic events. From dictatorship to war to climate change, we as individuals and as a society are the ones responsible. Standing, watching in oblivion, we expect a higher entity to solve this mess, and if it does not, we blame it on evil. The war we are experiencing is within ourselves.”

- Mircea Suciu