Peter Buggenhout: We Did It Before, We Will Do It Again

Book Release
English / French

ISBN: 978 2 85917 550 4

Dimensions: 28 x 21.5 cm

pages: 394
Co-published with M-Museum Leuven, the Flemish Community, Konrad Fischer Galerie, and Galerie Laurent Godin
Text by Selen Ansen, Peter Buggenhout, William Rathje, and Eva Wittcox
Design by Ine Meganck, Koen Vernimmen


“It is the first monograph of the artist Peter Buggenhout, a Belgian sculptor that works and lives in Ghent, but whose work has been presented in a wide range of important venues all over the world. He wished to design himself the make-up of the lay-out of this monumental book of nearly 400 pages, like an extension of his artistic work.”

- Les Éditions de l'Amateur