Peter Buggenhout: On Hold

Solo Exhibition
May 13 TO July 23, 2022
Holtermann Fine art, London, Uk


Holtermann Fine Art presents 'On Hold', Peter Buggenhout's first solo exhibition in the UK. The exhibition features a text by Dr Jon Wood, and a film with the artist will be release on May 11, 2022. 


'Buggenhout’s sculptures consist of accumulations, recontextualizations and compositions of found and discarded objects and waste. Carefully constructed to exclude any form of symbolism, representation, or narrative meaning, the resulting objects are evocations of the complexity and unpredictability of existence. Influenced by George Bataille’s description of the abject object – in Buggenhout’s sculpture the deliberate melding together of materials that repulse and attract create a psychological tension and wordless sensation.' -Holtermann Fine Art 


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May 13, 2022