Mircea Suciu: Mirror, Mirror? Contemporary Selfhood in Romanian Art

Featured Exhibition
September 3, 2021 TO October 1, 2021
CFHill Art Space, Stockholm, Sweden


CFHILL Art Space presents 'Mirror, Mirror? Contemporary Selfhood in Romanian Art', a group exhibition featuring Mircea Suciu. According to the gallery, the exhibition explores the complexities of selfhood and self-awareness, developed from a context marked by turbulent and rapid socio-historical transformation.' The show features works by Romanian artists Alex Mirutziu, Ciprian Muresan, Dan Beudan, Filep Norbert, George Crîngasu, Hortensia Mi Kafchin, Marcel Rusu, Mirela Moscu, Pavel Grosu, Radu Oreian, and Tincuta Marin. For more information about the exhibition, click here


'Mircea Suciu takes a more reverential approach to iconic images and their power to manipulate or emancipate the human self. He is less concerned with their ideological contents and rather preoccupied with their faded aura, uncorrupted by the infinite cycle of decontextualization and resignification. In this sense, he developed a unique technique, which combines monotype and oil and acrylic painting, to restore the images he appropriates - from both low and high culture - into a new skin with an almost mystical feeling. For example, an uncanny mirror image is present in the work Santa Sangre, where the icon of Christianity is defaced and reduced to a surreal mannequin, adored by baroque silverware, which plays on the notion of blind belief. The reduction Mircea Suciu operates on the icon, however, attests to the seductive power of religious iconography and their role in identification.' 

-CFHILL Art Space

September 3, 2021