Mircea Suciu: (Re-)Birth of Venus

Featured Exhibition
July 9, 2021 to August 22, 2021
Pulpo Gallery, Germany


Mircea Suciu participates in ‘(Re-)Birth of Venus’, a group show at Pulpo Gallery. Featuring works by Jake Wood-Evans GOIN, Guillermo Lorca, Madsaki, Amadeo Morelos, Ricardo Passaporte, Judy Rifka, and Mircea Suciu, the exhibition will be open through August 22, 2021. The show brings together contemporary reinterpretations of Sandro Botticelli’s mid-1480 masterpiece, ‘The Birth of Venus’. 


In ‘Venus’ (2021), Mircea Suciu recreates Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ using his monoprint technique—which involves printing found or photographed images onto acrylic films and transferring them onto linen using acrylic color. Through this technique, Suciu’s works carry the legacy of painting and photograph, while simultaneously recalling and subverting the identity of Botticelli’s masterpiece.


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July 9, 2021