Marie Cloquet: HALAB 2020

september 6, 2020 TO october 18, 2020
annie gentils gallery, antwerp, belgium


Annie Gentils Gallery presents HALAB 2020, the artist's solo exhibition.


‘Halab I - X are portraits of soap. Soap from Aleppo made of olive oil. A product I cherish, something I always have at home. A few years ago heavy bombings took place in Aleppo. I instinctively grabbed the last pieces of soap that I could find. A pointless response to the horror of those terrifying events, but it was the only physical link I could use at the time. I started to photograph the soaps and made a few images in my darkroom. But the project didn’t find an outcome. I was not able to give the story its right place.


Apparently the project had to wait for the right moment to occur.


During the confinement weeks I took the opportunity of introspection. Even if it was tough sometimes, something interesting happened. The beauty of staying home and discovering what matters and what doesn’t. All of a sudden it became clear to me that my practice also could show smaller things instead of large, infinite landscapes. A new world of possibilities opened up to me. And soap got my attention once again…


The images talk about light, volume and intensity. They are analogue photographs printed on drawing paper, mounted on wooden panels and then updated with watercolor. Each work is unique’

-Marie Cloquet


Opening on September 6, 2020, the exhibition will be on view through October 18, 2020.


For more information, please visit here.



September 6, 2020