Linn Meyers: STABLE Pay It Forward Fund (PIFF) AUCTION

april 16, 2020 TO april 17, 2020


Every Thursday, STABLE will be hosting a benefit auction for STABLE artists affected by Covid-19. To learn more about the STABLE Pay It Forward Fund (PIFF) and how to place your bids, please visit @stable arts’


This week, a work by @linnmeyers will be auction off on STABLE’s instagram page.


‘meyers began making these cutouts during the Covid-19 quarantine. She was seeking a way to make works at home, and also to make something that felt like a direct reflection of this moment in history. meyers has removed most of the words from each page, leaving only short, invented phrases such as “solitude, to teach us what we have lost” and “you, I miss the most”.


Each week we will introduce one STABLE artist and share information about their work and their practice. Every Thursday at 3 PM we will auction a work by that artist, with a starting bid of just $100.’


April 16, 2020