Marie Cloquet: Poetic Faith

Featured Exhibition
February 8, 2020 TO may 3, 2020
s.m.a.k., gent, belgium


”The exhibition ‘Poetic Faith’ can be seen as a tribute to the power of, and belief in, the imagination. It challenges us to set aside the faith we place in our own (rational) reality, thereby allowing us to perceive ‘impossible’ artworks as ‘perfectly possible’ at first sight.


With work by Shikh Sabbir Alam, Guillaume Bijl, Marie Cloquet, Leo Copers, Hanne Darboven, Thierry De Cordier, Markus Degerman, Jef Geys, Joseph Grigely, Jorge Macchi, Bruce Nauman, Navid Nuur, Panamarenko, Giulio Paolini, Mandla Reuter, Jason Rhoades, Gil Shachar, Nedko Solakov, Birde Vanheerswynghels, Jan Van Imschoot, Tamara Van San and Philippe Van Snick.”

- S.M.A.K., Gent, Belgium


Opening on 8 February 2020, the exhibition will be on view through 03 May 2020.


For more information, please visit here.


February 8, 2020