Cheikh Ndiaye

New Representation

Jason Haam is pleased to announce the representation of Cheikh Ndiaye (b. 1970).


Through the visual interpretations of anthropology and architecture, the artist alludes to the socio-political history of Urbanism in Senegal in the context of rapid economic development—the era of post-independence. The detail-oriented documentation and archival nature of the works bear witness to the constant physical and political changes that he experiences and observes while acting as a record of the cultural changes in African modernity mirrored through architectural form.


Ndiaye was the recipient of the Marin Prize for Painting in Paris, France in 2013, the Natulis Art Temporary Prize in Berlin, Germany in 2012 and the Linossier Prize in France in 2008. His installation Blancheur rigide dérisoire en opposition au ciel was selected for the 56th International Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in 2015. In 2019, Ndiaye's work was included in the exhibition Sanguine. Luc Tuymans on Baroque at Fondazione Prada in Milan, Italy.

July 1, 2019