Peter Buggenhout: Pas perdu(s)

October 12, 2021 to November 27, 2021
Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris, France


'The sculptures remind of unknown structures and ruins of mystifying machines and paraphernalia. Primarily, however, they present an autonomous opposite that is uncanny in its paradoxical similarity and difference. The enormous corporeal nature of the sculptures, which also emit peculiar smells, attract attention, yet the viewer may approach them with caution as they emanate potential danger too. Through this interplay between attraction and repulsion Peter Buggenhout’s works manage to fill the space with a cryptic atmosphere. At every turn, something eerie sitting just beneath the surface of the material world emerges from these fascinating sculptures.' 

- Holger Kube Ventura, Director of the Reutlingen / Konkret Art Museum


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October 12, 2021