Mircea Suciu: The Light of Recent Events

october 31, 2020 TO january 30, 2021
sac bucharest, romania


SAC Bucharest presents The Light of Recent Events, a solo exhibition by Mircea Suciu.


“The series presented at /SAC under the title “The Light of Recent Events” do not discuss certain events, but the way I’m influenced by them. It is an ”umbrella title” that allows multiple interpretations. This ambiguity creates a universal dimension for my work to be perceived. ”Recent” does not refer to the present day. There aren’t in focus recent events. Instead, I adopt the light as a subject. A revealing light that reveals/discusses interiority. The light I use is always present in my work, a harsh light, which creates a radical contrast. It illustrates anxiety, loneliness, it appeals to baroque dramaticism, it provokes introspection, <<a deep trip>>.”

– Mircea Suciu


The exhibition will be on view through January 30, 2021.


For more information, please visit here.


October 31, 2020